Dia de los Puercos was first brought to life through the collaborating minds of Danny

Rodriguez, the Artist, and Rick Garcia, El Chefe; originally designed to create a cool t-shirt for

Chefs’ to wear and represent. !

Jump forward to May of 2013, just a few days after Nicole(@badd.brujaa) and

Rick(@elchefeddlp), exchanged wedding vows. Rick came to Nicole, after injuring himself in the

kitchen, and told her that he wanted to quit his job as an Executive Task Force Chef with the

Hilton Corporation. He told Nicole that he wanted to start up a food truck business and

become his own boss and not have to get permission from anyone to be creative with his

recipes. Nicole supported Rick and his dream and just a few weeks later…!

Dia de los Puercos hit the streets in Piggy Smalls(The food truck) from East Los to Venice to

San Diego! !

Experiencing several “Ups’ and downs’”, Nicole and Rick, along with their team; hustled and

put in work on the food truck scene. Blessed with a successful brand and concept, Nicole and

Rick opened their first brick & mortar location August 13th, 2016, in the beautiful city of West

Covina, California. !

Nicole and Rick closed the West Covina location in May of 2018, so they could relocate to a

larger location, and opened in the wonderful city of Pomona just a few months later on August

13th, 2018. But Nicole and Rick didn’t stop with the Pomona location; joining the Family of

restaurants located inside The Riverside Food Lab, they launched Dia de los Puercos in the

blooming city of Riverside on September 7th 2018, just a few weeks after their opening in

Pomona. !

Fortunate to have locations that continue to grow in business, Nicole and Rick will keep

working everyday, along with their Xingon Team, to move forward and succeed in the

restaurant industry. !

Be sure to come taste, smell, see, hear and be touched by what Nicole and Rick have to share

from their Xicano Cultured upbringing and it will be an experience to remember… !

Ay te Güacho y nos vemos pronto!