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Raised in East Los Angeles, Rick 'El Chefe' Garcia finds his inspiration through his childhood memories of watching his Grandma 'B' work her magic in the kitchen. After completing the culinary arts program at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, Rick studied in the kitchens of several renowned Chefs,  but its what he has learned from the kitchen of his Grandma Beatrice, that he values most. El Chefe expresses his passion, Cultura and inspiration through his Comida Xicana(Chicana) at Dia de los Puercos.  

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The Logo

As an immigrant fleeing Honduras with my father, I was in a total cultural shock when arriving to America. We came from a town that was very poor, with no running gas. We heated water on the stove to take warm showers and hand wash our clothes on a small rack called “La Pila”.  Life was poor but simple there. My passion for art came to me early in life.  I was always in trouble at school, because I would rather draw than to pay attention to my teacher. I never realized that I was good at it until other people started complimenting my work. Creating the logo for Dia De Los Puercos came to me naturally. When Rick Garcia voiced his ideas for the logo, I envisioned it exactly how I created it. Creating this logo took me back to when I was a youngster growing up in South Gate, California. I was heavily influenced by the Chicano/cholo lifestyle. From the lowriders, oldies, 50 waist Ben Davis, the East Los Angeles infamous murals, to the thick eyebrow penciled women. I soon became obsessed with their art, stilo Dia De Los Muertos! Which has since become my preferred art genre.

- Daniel Rodriguez